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Amiga contributors are the ones brought us great games, music and entertainment. They deserve to be remembered and awarded. We are collecting Amiga contributor list to donate to it as mentioned in the homepage. Please help us reach them and spread the word so other artists, musicians and businesses can be in the list. If you know, or are, an Amiga contributor (artist, musician, business or any kind of contributor), please fill in this form. Also, please spread the word to all Amiga community channels. The more NFT sold the more donation sent to contributors.

No. Contributor Name Contribution Bio Approval Contact Status
1 Adrian Robert Cummings Games

Adrian Robert Cummings from Mutation software

Unverified Not Contacted
2 Alan Grier Website

Alan Grier was a graphics artist that worked at International Computer Entertainment (I.C.E.) and worked on a large number of racing games as well as a number of coin-op conversions for Probe.

Alan's released games in approximate order of creation are as follows:

Unverified Missing Contact Info
3 André Wüthrich Games

André Wüthrich created several legendary games on the Amiga, Traders, Locomotion and Enemy: Tempest of Violence.

Unverified Missing Contact Info
4 Andreas Axelsson Coding

Andreas Axelsson worked at Digital Illusions and coded the amazingly popular games Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Illusions.

Unverified Not Contacted
5 Andrew Barnabas Music

Andrew Barnabas is a music composer, who created soundtracks for Amiga games Aladdin, Cool Spot, Double Dragon 3, Global Gladiators and SWIV. He kindly answered our questions and you can now read this interview.

Unverified Missing Contact Info
6 Andrew Morris Graphics

Andrew Morris, who was involved in creating the graphics for Super Scramble Simulator, and some of the great Gremlin / Magnetic Fields games including Super Cars and Lotus Esprit.

Unverified Missing Contact Info
7 Arnaud de Klerk | 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐅𝐈𝐋𝐄-𝐇𝐔𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐑 Website

Nerd with a passion for 8/16-bit (MSX/Amiga), music, concerts, exclusive dining and cooking! Visit his sites: Check out his amiga games and demo online paying. Amazing!

Unverified Not Contacted
8 Barry Leitch (Baz Leitch; The Jackal) Music

Created audio for a lot of Amiga games.

Verified Not Contacted
9 Bjørn Lynne (a.k.a. Dr. Awesome a.k.a Divinorum) Website

Bjørn Lynne (a.k.a. Dr. Awesome a.k.a Divinorum) is a sound engineer and music composer, now living and working in Stavern, Norway. He has been widely known as a tracker music composer under the name Dr. Awesome/Crusaders in the late 1980s–early 90s when he released numerous tunes in MOD format and created music for some Amiga games. His work during that time period was mostly released into the demoscene world.

In fact, many know him from his Amiga MOD work in the demoscene and his collaborations of that time period. Later on, he moved to England to work for Team 17, and began releasing his own studio albums.

Unverified Missing Contact Info
10 Bobby Earl Games

Bobby Earl worked on 4 diverse Amiga games during the 1990s, publishing games via Image Works, Ocean Software and Virgin. His softography consists of the following games:

Unverified Not Contacted
11 Chris Hülsbeck Music

Chris Hülsbeck was born 1968 in Kassel/Germany. He found himself dedicated to music at a very young age and started some piano lessons. At 14 he got his first computer, the legendary Commodore 64 were he started to learn programming. Some years later he won the first prize in a computer-music contest in a famous German computer magazine. This was the beginning of his career as a professional composer for computer- and videogame soundtracks.

Unverified Missing Contact Info
12 Chris Sorrell Graphics

Chris has an impressive list of Amiga titles, culminating in the popular James Pond trilogy. His games include:

Unverified Not Contacted
13 Dave Haynie Hardware

A hero of the Amiga scene - the legendary Dave Haynie. For those who don't know, Dave started on the Commodore 128, and continued through to the much heralded 'AAA' chipset- the successor to AGA.

Unverified Missing Contact Info
14 Dave Semmens Games

Dave Semmens worked on a large variety of Amiga games, programming them all himself except for the game Rainbow Warriors which had a team of 3 programmers. His Amiga softography consists of the following games:

Unverified Missing Contact Info
15 David Broadhurst Coding

David Broadhurst is a programmer, who brought us legendary Bubble Bobble and famous Assassin.

Unverified Missing Contact Info
16 David John Pleasance Website

Ex COMMODORE & AMIGA executive, Musician Author

Unverified Not Contacted
17 David Whittaker Music

David Whittaker (born 1957) is known for numerous computer game tunes which he wrote in most of the 1980s and early 1990s, for many different formats.  He was more impressed with the Amiga's more developed technical sound capabilities, but used a few of the same instrument sounds, in several of his works, for Amiga. Thus, his Amiga music is often easy to recognize. For Shadow of the Beast, he was asked to compose especially good music, as much more memory (RAM) was available for that game - so he used different and very high quality (at the time) instrument samples. He is, these days, working mostly in the field of computer game sounds and voices instead of music.

Unverified Missing Contact Info
18 Doug Little Coding

Doug Little worked as a programmer at International Computer Entertainment (I.C.E) for a few years in the very early 1990s and worked on 16-bit Amiga and Atari ST games, and a little SNES too. His Amiga softography consists of the following games:

Unverified Missing Contact Info
19 Graeme Anderson Graphics

Graeme Anderson was the main graphic artist in DMA Design for the famous game Hired guns (and Lemmings 2).

Unverified Missing Contact Info
20 Ian Moran Coding

Ian Moran worked at Special FX producing some classic games published by Ocean software, before forming Rage software with 4 other colleagues. Ian's Amiga softography consists of the following titles:

Unverified Not Contacted
21 Jason Page Music

Jason Page. A musician behind hits such a Paradroid 90, Fire & Ice, Ruff 'n' Tumble or Uridium 2. Lifeschool and Predseda talked with Jason about his (not only Amiga) composing.

Unverified Missing Contact Info
22 Jim Sachs Graphics

Jim Sachs is a legendary ground-breaking digital artist and game designer

Unverified Missing Contact Info
23 John Croudy Games

John Croudy was one half of the formidable Random Access/Sales Curve programming team that worked on some of the Amiga's most fondly remembered games. His softography consists of the following games:

Unverified Missing Contact Info
24 Judge Drokk | Mark Hellewell Website

Founding and longest standing member of Amiga demo-team 'ANARCHY' 1989-1993.

Unverified Not Contacted
25 Karen Davies Downey Graphics

Graphic designer for many Amiga games like:

  • RED HEAT 1989 
  • ROBOCOP 2 1990 
  • HUDSON HAWK 1991 
  • STRIKER 1992 
Unverified Not Contacted
26 Keith Watterson Website

Keith Watterson worked at Red Rat Software, working on the Amiga and Atari ST versions of the superb puzzle game Pushover that was published by Ocean.

Unverified Missing Contact Info
27 Marc Djan Website

Ocean France created some of the most polished coin-op conversions for the Amiga. Marc Djan was the head of Ocean France, and kindly answers some questions about the company.

Unverified Missing Contact Info
28 Mark Cale Website

Finally after over 20 years, we take great pleasure in releasing the original Putty Squad to the Amiga Community. 20 YEARS IN THE MAKING AND 100% FREE – PUTTY SQUAD OUT NOW FOR AMIGA.

Unverified Not Contacted
29 Mark Sibly Website

Mark Sibly created three mega hits on the Amiga: Overkill, Guardian, and Gloom.

Unverified Missing Contact Info
30 Martin Pedersen Games

Martin Pedersen wrote two of the most technically impressive vertically scrolling shoot'em-ups ever released on the Amiga. Martin coded both games by himself, with Torben Larsen designing the graphics. Both games pushed the boundaries of the Amiga hardware and featured stunning music and sound effects.

Martin met graphics artist Torben while writing the game The Vikings in 1985. Martin programmed the Amstrad version, while Torben was working on the graphics for the C64 version. They felt limited with the Amstrad's technical abilities, and decided to investigate the Amiga. After being impressed with what they saw, they decided to develop games for it.

Martin's Amiga softography consists of the following games:

  • Hybris (1988) - code
  • Battle Squadron (1989) - code
  • Battle Squadron 2: Aviators (1990) - code (game unfinished)
  • Hugo (1992) - code for one level
Unverified Not Contacted
31 Martyn Brown Games

Martyn Brown is the studio director at Team17

Unverified Missing Contact Info
32 Matthew Simmonds (4mat) Music

Matthew Simmonds, also known as 4mat is best known for his chiptunes. Most of his music is found in the form of tracked music files (modules). He began his career in the demoscene of the early '90s, progressing to commercial games where he has worked on titles released by Konami and EA. His albums can be downloaded from , follow his latest works on

Unverified Not Contacted
33 Mick West Website

Created some fantastic Amiga games and worked for Binary Design, Tiertex and Ocean.


Unverified Missing Contact Info
34 Ned Langman Graphics

Ned Langman was the graphic artist whose name popped up over and over again on Random Access/The Sales Curve's greatest games! Ned's Amiga softography includes the following games:

Unverified Missing Contact Info
35 Peter Johnson Games

Peter Johnson wrote several of Ocean's early Amiga games, with Robocop probably being the most famous title. Peter's Amiga softography consists of the following games:

Unverified Not Contacted
36 Peter Verswyvelen Games

Peter Verswyvelen, coder behind games Ziriax, Zarathrusta and Deliverance.

Unverified Missing Contact Info
37 Ricardo Puerto Coding

Ricardo Puerto programmed the Amiga game Risky Woods for Dinamic back in 1992.

Unverified Not Contacted
38 Ronald Pieket Weeserik Games

Ronald Pieket Weeserik. All his games look incredible, silky smooth and plenty of action. Most Amiga owners will have played SWIV, probably the greatest vertical shooter ever written on the mighty Amiga!

Unverified Not Contacted
39 Torben Bakager Larsen Coding

C64/Amiga scener and creator of classic Amiga games like Hybris, Battle Squadron, Sword of Sodan and Hugo the TV Troll.

Verified Missing Contact Info